6 Reasons you should avoid Free Web Hosting Services

Unless you need a hosting service for a joke or the fun of hosting, don’t go for free web hosting. Or how would a free accommodation be like living in it? If there is a problem who will attend to your needs and if the help ever comes will it be at the time and quality you need it? These questions are necessary to emphasize the importance of a web hosting service to your online business. To help you with these questions, below are five reasons to avoid free web hosting services.

free web hosting services

  1. You will not get customer support

When you landlord provides the house you live for free, do you expect him to fix anything in that apartment? The truth is hosting service support cost money in term of human resources and tools of trade, how can anyone not expect to make any money from the services they offer to you be willing to spend their hard earned money to serve you? You might have read about sources of income to web hosting services like AdSense, Affiliate marketing, and other sources, but how will all these add up to provide you top notch customer service you desire? The bottom line is, you won’t get the support service you will ever want.

  1. You risk exposure to attacks

It costs som much money to keep a web hosting service secure. When they offer their service for free, they are not morally or professional liable to provide support to protect you from cyber attacks. Your content is at risk of hackers, and no reasonable customers will want to transact business with you because you are a risk factor for them.

  1. Your success is limited

When you carry a bag of liability such as free web hosting, you risk being cut off by serious people who can contribute to your success. Who wants to connect their computer to a site that may bring crises to them? Most affiliate sites won’t work with you and AdSense will reject you as well because you do not show any sign of a serious business person. Will people be willing to do a financial transaction of a free hosted site? No way! Many online payment providers would ask for your seriousness with security, and definitely, a free hosting plan won’t fly!

  1. Your co-travelers will be unserious minded people

If serious minded people are rejecting you, who will be left to associate with you? Only individuals who care less about their successes online will become your customers. That means you will not only abandon your desire to make money online; you will find it hard to find anyone willing to give you their credit card or payment information because they know you are a potential risk bomb waiting to explode. Such experience will drain you of vital energy to perform fast.

  1. It will slow you down

How do you survive on free web hosting when you do not have access to funds? Remember that the fact it is free does not mean you are not spending money. At least you will have to pay for your data to access the internet, sit down to develop your content and spend precious time you could have spent with family and friends on an unprofitable venture, so tell me how you can move forward?

  1. Your continue availability is not guaranteed!

Did you know free web host providers too are spending money to provide the free service? What will then happen the day they can no longer afford to keep the site up? That means you will wake up the following morning and your site is gone! Who do you hold accountable?

Instead of going for a free web hosting service, go for cheap web hosting, but you know you are paying and the hosting company will need you to renew your service when the current one expires. Thus it will give you the best of service so you can continue to use its hosting service at the expiration of the current subscription. Think wisely!

If you want to have a good customer service and reliable hosting services, you should consider companies that make it simple for you to host your domain such as Shopify.